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How should you prepare for our session together?

In order to ensure a successful session, whether it involves Tarot card readings, Runes, or any other craft, it is important for you to refrain from consuming substances that may alter your mind, body, or clear thinking. This includes alcohol, marijuana, mushrooms, and any other drug-related products. Your energy field needs to be clean for me to effectively tune into it. Before we begin our work, we will engage in a brief but mindful meditation to establish a connection, especially when conducting sessions online through platforms like Zoom.

All services must be paid for in advance before booking. Once payment is received, I will provide you with the available date and time slots. If these do not align with your schedule, I will do my best to accommodate you within my business hours. However, please note that arriving late or missing the session entirely will result in a non-refundable session, as it is important to respect everyone’s time.
My Working Hours:
I am located in the EST time zone, and my working hours are from 9 am to 9 pm. I do not offer services during the night or on a last-minute basis.

Payment Through Paypal

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I offer consultation services through various platforms such as What’s App and Zoom. Additionally, in-person consultations are available, but they must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.

To book a consultation with me, please provide your full name, legal age, complete birthday (including month and year), and a recent picture of yourself without any head covering or eyeglasses. Ensure you refrain from sending group pictures. Also, kindly describe your specific situation and the assistance you require, including relevant details.

For business-related issues, specify the type of business, when it started experiencing a decline in profits, and any efforts you have made to improve the situation. Please also include your desired timeframe for improvement.

If you have relationship concerns, provide the date of birth and full legal name of both you and your partner. Additionally, include two separate pictures of each of you and a description of the current state of your relationship, focusing on the present situation.

If you believe your living space is affected by negative energy and require a cleansing, provide your full date of birth and describe the type of place you reside in. Include details such as how long you have been living there and any current issues you are experiencing.

It’s important to understand that each situation is unique, and I cannot guarantee that a single session will resolve all issues, as they may have accumulated over time.

Once your consultation is complete, please refrain from contacting me with additional questions via email or other social platforms. If you require further consultations, kindly book another session.