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the Witchcraft History and Traditions

When I first discovered my ability to create my own spells and perform rituals, I was around 8 or 9 years old. It felt completely natural for me to cast spells and seek assistance from spirits. Unlike many others, I wasn’t raised within a Christian or any other religious tradition. My parents allowed me to embrace my true self and follow my own path. Growing up in the time of the Soviet Union, religion wasn’t a part of my upbringing or the culture around me. This gave me the freedom to explore the rich folklore, ancestral beliefs, and traditions of my heritage.

10 YEAR +

Of Experience .

Spending most summers with my grandparents, especially my grandmother, allowed me to learn a great deal about herbs, incantations, whispers, and other mystical practices that couldn’t be found in books. My diverse heritage, which combines Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Jewish, and Estonian blood, has given me a deep understanding of local folk traditions, different modalities of witchcraft, and the connection with elemental forces. It has also allowed me to combine and create a beautiful blend of Eastern, Southern, and Scandinavian traditions.

Today, I warmly welcome you to learn and experience more about the craft and how it can benefit your everyday life. Discover how you can become luckier, happier, healthier, find the right person to be with, or even build a successful business. If your goal is to learn about the craft, create your own spells, and become the person you’ve always wanted to be, I invite you to explore my upcoming workshops and classes. When you feel ready to learn or seek guidance, please write me a detailed email introducing yourself and explaining exactly what you are looking for. Thank you, and let’s connect on this magical journey together!


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$ 150
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  • I am available to assist you with any urgent matters, be it advice, guidance, or a reading. The fee for immediate emergency cases
$ 250
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